The Story of This Blog…

…is about to unfold.

I have been struggling to find a good way to kickstart this blog, and then I stumbled upon Lorelle’s Blog Challenge : What’s Your Blog’s Story?

I have been blogging for about four years now, but gained a new interest in the past few months. I have a bunch of blogs. After all, I have so many interests and I would like to try writing different things. But this blog is the first time for me to write about this writing passion of mine.

This is my first blog about blogging.

I have high hopes in this blog. I believe in it.

Every thousand miles journey begins with one step ahead. And this is it. This is Plain Blogging’s earliest breath, the first ink dropped on its history book.

Prophet Muhammad once said, “Every deed is weighed by its purpose“.

An so, I have decided the one purpose for growing this blog. That is,

I want to be as useful as I can be.

Everything else is residual. And that’s the story so far for Plain Blogging.

Have a nice day.

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3 responses to “The Story of This Blog…

  1. Interesting. Writing about writing and writing about blogging are related but different subjects. There are SO many blogs about blogging, have you thought of how your blog is going to stand out from the rest?

    It’s an open field, but the answers to that will help define the story behind your blog even better.

  2. Lorelle, to be honest I was surprised to heard that there’s indeed a difference between writing about writing and writing about blogging.

    The way I think about blogging is that it’s writing in a unique form and way, but now that you told me I begin to think about the differences.

    As per how to make my blog stand out, that’s the hard question. I don’t know how. But I’ll let my passion show and keep pushing forward.

    Thank you so much for visiting.

  3. You have put the hammer on the nail. Let your passion show and keep pushing forward.

    And there is a BIG difference between writing books, writing manuals, writing essays, journalism, and even writing in diaries from blog writing. Similar but different.

    When people are searching for writing, they are looking for information on improving writing skills, writing books, and how tos associated with writing. When people are learning how to blog, even blog writing, they are looking for blog information. It’s a fine line, but I think exploring those differences might help you develop content and style. :D

    Too late, you already got the style. ;-)

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