The Worry-Free Way to Find Great Blogs to Read


Continuing The Worry-Free Blogging quest, now is the time to find blogs to read. As a reminder, here’s the two steps idea for Worry-Free Blogging:

  1. Focus on creating valuable content.
  2. Join the conversation.

Finding blogs to read is part of plan #2 on the list above. Let’s not delve further on plan #1 because we can easily find many articles written on this topic by people smarter than I am. For starters, here are some illuminating posts from Lorelle, Copyblogger, and Stephen Downes. Jakob Nielsen also had a good article that forces us to think whether we should create blog posts or articles.

Now that the first plan is covered (by others, fortunately), I can resume thinking about plan #2.

Here’s my proposed requirements in finding the blogs to read:

  1. Interesting.
  2. Relevant.

Interesting blogs stand out so well that finding them is very easy. In the realms of Plain Blogging, ease is king. So, if the blog sparks interest, they’re the candidates. Relevancy would act as the final test. Those irrelevant blogs, no matter how funny, will need to go. Be ruthless.

Now, once the blogs are found, here’s how to pick the conversation:

  1. Relevant.
  2. Interesting.

Yes, in that order. Remember that even the best of blogs might start an interesting, yet irrelevant conversation from time to time. This is why relevancy should come first. Interesting yet irrelevant conversation = hours of procrastinating. In reality, relevant topic is blessed with its own latent interesting factor, so it won’t be that hard to follow.

The Alternative Method

Okay, to be honest, I’m not following that rule I made above. The reason is simple, it’s too theoretical! I do believe that I’ve made it short enough for others to use, and I would suggest to others to try it. However, I’m using my own, one-question method to pick the blogs I’d love to read. That particular question is:

Will I Wget this?

See, I’m a bookworm. I love reading. And whenever I came across a really, really great blog, the first desire that crossed my mind is to save a complete mirror of the site into my disk, so I can read everything they have to offer offline. Which is what the Wget software does.

Many blogs have relevant and interesting contents, but only those that did it over and over again will make me answer “Yes!” to my own question. Those will be the one I’ll read and follow.

The Results for Me

After applying the above method, here are my list of blogs to Wget read.

Okay, so this ended up just like everyone else’s list. I’m not worried, though, it’s the wisdom of the crowd. I am sure there are non A-list bloggers out there that I should be looking for.

This might call for another post, I think. Or do you know any other blogs you’d like to suggest?

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